Useful links


The easiest way to book rail tickets is through the website ( is the on-line travel agency of SNCF). There you are given the choice of an eticket (to print at home or to save on your mobile), or a hard copy ticket sent to you by mail. That way you can step straight on to the train without queuing up at the ticket counter.

Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre (FFRP)

A full list of available topo-guides can be seen and bought from the FFRP boutique.

Institut Géographique National (IGN)

All the TOP 100 and TOP 25 maps, and the topo-guides, can be bought from the IGN boutique.


Géoportail is the French equivalent of Google Maps, but with far greater detail. This is very useful when designing your own route.

Map showing all GRs and GRPs

It is surprisingly difficult to find a map on the web that shows all the GRs and GRPs. The only such map that we know of can be downloaded from the FFRP website (it is a big pdf file and can be slow to load).

Alternatively, a hardcopy map with a scale of 1:960,000, which is about 1 cm = 10 km, can be bought from the IGN boutique.


GR-Infos is a useful website for general information about GRs and GRPs.

My long walk

My long walk contains interesting diaries by an American who has walked extensively in Britain, but has also done two long walks in the south of France.