Varzy to Avallon

Walking in France: On the way to Corvol l’Orgueilleux
The road to Corvol l’Orgueilleux

From Varzy we continued our tour of the Burgundian wheat fields, arriving at Clamecy, on the Canal du Nivernais, in time for the grand final of the World Cup of football, which France won.

The celebrations that followed were a sight to behold and we joined in with enthusiasm.

On the way to Vézelay

After that we only had one more day of reverse pilgrimage before we got to Vézelay itself.

However the odour of sanctity about the place was not to our liking, so we descended to the village of St-Père, where there was a camping ground, a bar and a restaurant, all excellent.

The following day we tried to be cleverer than the marked track and paid in blood and suffering for our presumption. However the day ended, as usual, with all the comforts.

Our route for this section

Our route for this section

Day 26: Varzy to Clamecy

Day 27: Clamecy to Vézelay (St-Père)

Day 28: Vézelay (St-Père) to Avallon

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