Day 3: Saint-Boil to Buxy

Monday, 12 June 2006
Distance 9 km
Duration 2 hours 0 minutes
Ascent 45 m, descent 13 m
Map 37 of the TOP 100 blue series (now superseded)

An early morning departure: looking back to the camping at Collonge

The message had got through – we rose at 6:15 and were away before 7, our ribs well padded with muesli.

The Voie Verte was empty at that hour, save for a woman practising precariously on her roller-blades. Later we encountered crowds of school kids going to the high school in Buxy, and cruised into the town with them just before 9.

That was the end of the Voie Verte for us – we had had enough of it anyway. With a bag of croissants and a baguette, we climbed the steep, thriving main street to a café for our second breakfast.

Walking in France: Second breakfast in Buxy

Second breakfast in Buxy

Walking in France: The red tower of Buxy

The red tower of Buxy

Second breakfast is always a better meal than first breakfast – it has tables and chairs, it has coffee, it has passers-by, it has delicious pastries. We usually linger over it.

The town has some interesting ruins, including a couple of round towers from the encircling wall, but lacks the aesthetic coherence of Saint-Gengoux.

Leaving Buxy

From Buxy, catch a SNCF railway bus (autocar) to Chalon-sur-Saône which has a railway station. From there you can go to almost anywhere in France.