Walking in France RSS feed closing down

Dear RSS feed readers,

A special message just for you.

The vast majority of our subscribers receive our postcards as emails; very, very few as an RSS feed.

We recently changed our email postcard system. It is much simpler and straightforward process for our email subscribers. However, after sending an email from France, there would now be more work for us to create a post for your RSS feed, and given the limited time that we have on the net, plus the rigours of using a French keyboard, we have decided to close down our RSS feed.

If you received an email last week about our 2010 diary and photos then you are an email subscriber and you will continue to receive our postcards. However, if you did not receive the email and you want to continue hearing from us when we are in France, you will need to subscribe using the Postcard box at the top of this post. We hope you do.

With love

Jenny and Keith