How much does it cost per day?

Not surprisingly, walking is a rather cheap way to get around. The total cost for the two of us has increased only slightly over the last ten years, and is presently just over €70 per day, which in 2019 was made up of the following amounts:

Walking in France: Money well spent - a Chablis in Chablis
Money well spent – a Chablis in Chablis
Expense            Cost/day
Dinner, including aperitifs                 €35
Coffee                   €11
Other food                     €6
Accommodation                    €17
Sundries                  €2
Total                €71

In other words, we put our money where our mouth is!

The accommodation cost was a mixture of:

Camping           €14/night
Hotels           €62/night

Plus we had six free nights in camping grounds. There really is nothing else to spend money on, unless you want to increase your burden. In addition, return airfares from Australia were AUS$1,402 each, and all train and bus fares within France came to €120 each.

A more detailed breakdown of our expenses for every year since 2007 can be found in spreadsheet form, via a link on the front page of each year’s diary.

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