Cublize to Saint-Symphorien-sur-Coise

After the ordeals that we had endured in our first three days, both our health and our luck improved and so did the weather .

We continued along the line of the mountains of the Beaujolais until we came down to the great wide trench of the river Brevenne, which divides the Beaujolais from the Lyonnais. Getting up the other side demonstrated rather forcibly that I was still not recovered from the ‘flu, so we had a rest day at St-Symphorien-sur-Coise.

Our route for this section

Our route for this section

Day 4: Cublize to les Sauvages

Day 5: Les Sauvages to Violay

Day 6: Violay to St-Symphorien-sur-Coise

Rest day: Saint-Symphorien-sur-Coise

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