Montpellier to Saint-Thibéry

After Montpellier we never walked on a GR again. This flat agricultural land close to the Mediterranean did not seem to be favoured by the FFRP as a walking area. Nevertheless we found a way across it using farm tracks, old railway lines and minor roads. The majority of the walk was on the remains of the Via Domitia, a typical Roman road laid out with all the softness and subtlety of a bullet.

The villages that we passed through were charming and the countryside was an almost continuous carpet of vines. Although only a few kilometres from the coast, we saw no other tourists at all except in the camping grounds, which were well-patronised and luxurious. Summer was at last in full swing, and we started early every morning in a vain attempt to avoid the wrath of the midday sun.

Our route for this section

Our route for this section

Day 11: Montpellier to Fabrègues

Day 12: Fabrègues to Loupian

Day 13: Loupian to Saint-Thibéry

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