Aixe-sur-Vienne to Confolens

As we followed the Vienne downstream, we walked mostly on small forested roads beside the river, which was a change from the open fields of previous days. Because of the greater concentration of people on the river, we had no trouble finding villages with cafés for refreshment along the way.

We camped on all three nights, although the middle one, for complicated reasons, was in a bitumen parking area. The river was broad and calm, with many bridges, and the towns of St-Junien and Confolens were full of interest for the historically-minded visitor.

The weather continued showery but to us it was an advantage, as the days were cooler than for many summers past.

Our route for this section

Our route for this section

Day 17: Aixe-sur-Vienne to Saint-Junien

Day 18: Saint-Junien to Chabanais

Day 19: Chabanais to Confolens

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