Saint-Jean-de-Losne to Bligny-sur-Ouche

Walking in France: A long, straight walk to Dijon beside the Canal of Burgundy
A long, straight walk to Dijon

This section took us along the Canal of Burgundy, from its confluence with the Saône to the large metropolis of Dijon, where we were glad to have the canal to guide us through the built-up area.

From there the canal followed the valley of the river Ouche for two days, as far as Pont d’Ouche, and at that sharp corner, we left the canal and continued along the river valley southwards, to Bligny.

As soon as we joined the canal there was an abrupt change in the weather, from baking hot to cool and rainy.

Walking in France: A lock near Sainte-Marie-sur-Ouche (Ecluse du Banet)
A lock near Sainte-Marie-sur-Ouche

The stretch from St-Jean-de Losne to Dijon was long and largely treeless, so we were happy to exchange searing heat for a bit of inconvenience with raincoats.

We were also lucky that it was never actually raining while we were putting up or taking down our tent.

We spent a delightful evening dining in the old quarter of Dijon, but the next night, we had to have a picnic in our tent for the first time this year for lack of a restaurant nearby. This was no bad thing, as it was pouring with rain at the time.

In Bligny we finally got to eat at the gracious hotel which had been closed “exceptionally” on the Saturday night when we were there last time (in 2015).

Our route for this section

Our route for this section

Day 15: Saint-Jean-de-Losne to Dijon

Day 16: Dijon to Sainte-Marie-sur-Ouche

Day 17: Ste-Marie-sur-Ouche to Bligny-sur-Ouche

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