Bligny-sur-Ouche to Étang-sur-Arroux

Walking in France: Crossing the Étang de Fouché to arrive in Arnay-le-Duc
Crossing the Étang de Fouché to arrive in Arnay-le-Duc

We were now well established on our generally south-westerly course that had begun after Dijon and would continue until we reached the Loire.

The first day from Bligny involved crossing from the valley of the Ouche to that of the Arroux, after which we more or less followed the Arroux all the way to its confluence with the Loire.

We first met the Arroux at Arnay-le-Duc, a picturesque hilltop village in which we had a wonderful communal dinner, and got very lost while trying to leave the next morning.

The next night and the one after that, we slept beside the same river.

Walking in France: On the way to Autun
On the way to Autun

We had flirted with the idea of detouring from Autun to Bibracte, the pre-Roman Gaullish stronghold on Mt Beuvray, to look at the excavations, but had then remembered our golden rule about not trying to combine walking with tourism.

The camping ground at Autun, although pleasant enough, had greatly deteriorated since our earlier visit, but the centre of town was full of life, and we had a fine meal there.

At L’Étang-sur-Arroux, the camping ground suffered from an ill-tempered, domineering manageress, but was otherwise very agreeable. We ate well at a quiet little restaurant on the main road.

At both Autun and L’Étang we considered having a rest day, but decided not to.

Our route for this section

Our route for this section

Day 18: Bligny-sur-Ouche to Arnay-le-Duc

Day 19: Arnay-le-Duc to Autun

Day 20: Autun to Étang-sur-Arroux

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