Vallon-en-Sully to la Châtre

This last section only took three days, but it should have taken four. Our intended camping place for the first day turned out not to be any such thing, and it remains a mystery how their website could have been so comprehensively wrong. The result was that we had to keep walking, in the end going 37 km in 37°C of heat, and then finding that the expected restaurant was not functioning.

The following day was much easier, although we suffered from hunger, and we arrived in the charming village of Ste-Sévère just in time for a three-course lunch, closely followed by a four-course dinner that evening.

Our final day, to la Châtre, also gave us no trouble, and we were proud that after 750 km we did not have a single blister on any of our four feet.

Our route for this section

Day 31: Vallon-en-Sully to Préveranges

Day 32: Préveranges to

Day 33: Ste-Sévère-sur-Indre to la Châtre