Périgueux to Bergerac

In this section we passed from Périgord Blanc into Périgord Pourpre, in other words from the valley of the Isle to that of the Dordogne.

On the first day we followed the Isle downstream to Saint-Astier, and on the other two days we made the crossing to the Dordogne. Much of this crossing was on a Roman road, still almost as uncompromisingly straight as it had been when it was built.

There was a slight improvement in the weather and we felt that we would soon have dry feet and be covered in sunscreen, which up till now had been a dead weight in our pack.

Our route for this section

Day 23: Périgueux to Saint-Astier

Day 24: Saint-Astier to Villamblard

Day 25: Villamblard to Bergerac