Montpellier to Lodève

This part of the Pilgrim Way really tests the mettle of the faithful (and the faithless for that matter). Leaving the sprawling city of Montpellier took more time and effort than we would have thought possible. We got lost four times that day, although the countryside was gentle and picturesque.

On the second day we reached the Hérault river, whose gorge cuts deeply into the mountains, and followed it up to the abbey of the reclusive St-Guilhem, who would be horrified to see the hordes of tourists who mill about these days in his unworldly retreat.

The third day was the longest in terms of time (eleven hours) that we have ever walked in France, and one of the hilliest. We climbed out of the valley, over the range and down to coastal plain, only to repeat the process a couple more times before arriving at Lodève.

A measure of how strenuous we found it was that we did not have lunch on any of the three days. Paradoxically, the more tired we got, the less we felt like eating.

Our route for this section

Day 14: Montpellier to Montarnaud

Day 15: Montarnaud to

Day 16: St-Guilhem-le-Désert to Lodève