Souillac to Saint-Robert

This section took us from the Dordogne river to one of its main tributaries, the Vézère, and beyond it, through the same benign, undulating country as before. There were no GRs going in our direction, and we had to resort to a mixture of tracks and tiny roads, but we had great success in keeping off the highways. We wove our way north almost entirely without setting foot on a road with a white line down the middle – which is our criterion of an unsuitable walking route.

One of the odd things about this section was the lack of camping grounds, which resulted in our staying in hotels on all three nights – a hardship that we adapted to very well. We started to notice how much more stamina we had after a large hotel breakfast, compared to a miserable bowl of muesli.

Our route for this section

Our route for this section

Day 10: Souillac to Cressensac

Day 11: Cressensac to Larche

Day 12: Larche to Saint-Robert

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