Tonnerre to Toucy

Striking out to the west, away from the canal, we crossed over to Chablis without a map or a guide (owing to a change of plans) and entered an area of grape-worship as fervent as that around Beaune.

For the next two days we continued west, as the vines gradually gave way to wheat. The countryside was mildly hilly and the walking was easy. We had two nights camping and one in a strange hostel for walkers, which was quite a treat.

At Chablis and Auxerre we had glorious restaurant dinners under the stars, but it all went wrong at Toucy – a case of the hazards of Monday. However we ended up with a fine little picnic instead.

Our route for this section

Our route for this section

Day 18: Tonnerre to Chablis

Day 19: Chablis to Auxerre

Day 20: Auxerre to Toucy

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