Toucy to Gien

It took us four days to traverse the Puisaye, a vaguely defined area between Toucy and the Loire, which was in former times covered by immense, dripping forests. Most of these were cleared in the period after the French revolution, but pockets still exist, as we discovered. The cleared fields are given over to wheat rather than vines, presumably because of the soil type.

After two days we joined the Canal de Briare, one of the oldest in France, and followed it down to the Loire.

The weather was suffocatingly hot and we had to revert to our old habit of starting early and ending early, which meant that we took a day longer than we intended to get to Gien. Every evening we had a fine camping ground to sleep in and a beautiful restaurant meal – no picnics were required.

Our route for this section

Our route for this section

Day 21: Toucy to Villeneuve-les-Genêts

Day 22: Villeneuve-les-Genêts to Rogny-les-Sept-Écluses

Day 23: Rogny-les-Sept-Écluses to Briare

Day 24: Briare to Gien

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