Alès to Saint-Gilles

Walking in Franve: Vézénobres

In terms of physical effort, this last section of the Régordane was almost an anticlimax. All the hard work had been done in the mountains and it only remained to cross the coastal plain to our destination of St-Gilles.

However, the sense of history was still poignant, particularly the history of the Camisards, in the villages that we passed along the way – Vézénobres, Ners, la Calmette, Génerac and others.

The most impressive thing about this section was the overflowing abundance of the land. Orchards and vineyards were groaning with fruit, and the farmers were hard at work among them. Except for the modern machinery and vehicles being used, it was a positively mediaeval scene, and as walkers we felt part of it.

We continued to have difficulty with accommodation, although not as much as in the mountains, and after Vézénobres we had to change our route to make sure of a bed.

Walking in France: On the way to Nîmes
On the way to Nîmes

Camping grounds were scarce and many gîtes were booked out, but there were hotels to fall back on. We set a new record for ourselves by staying in hotels three nights in a row.

We finished the Régordane with a feeling of great admiration for the people who had constructed it in the distant past, and for all the generations who had used it since – the traders, the pilgrims and of course the local people.

Our route for this section

Our route for this section

Day 7: Alès to Vézénobres

Day 8: Vézénobres to St-Geniès-de-Malgoirès

Day 9: St-Geniès-de-Malgoirès to Nîmes

Day 10: Nîmes to Saint-Gilles

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