Lormes to Auxerre

This six-day section through northern Burgundy began with a visit to Vézelay, starting point of one of the famous pilgrimages..

Then, after a short but difficult transition to Avallon, it was a river walk along the rivers Cousin and Cure, as far as Cravant (just past Vermenton), where the Cure finally flows into the Yonne. At that point we branched off, attracted by the name Chablis, to visit this famous wine village, before making our way back to the river Yonne at Auxerre, the largest town in the district and a fascinating one.

Our route for this section

Our route for this section

Day 15: Lormes to Vézelay

Day 16: Vézelay to Avallon

Day 17: Avallon to Arcy-sur-Cure

Day 18: Arcy-sur-Cure to Vermenton

Day 19: Vermenton to Chablis

Day 20: Chablis to Auxerre

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