Autun to Lormes

This walk of six days took us from the gentle Burgundian landscape of Autun to the equally gentle one of Lormes, through the great wild forest of the Morvan. In former times it was a lot wilder than it is now, but it is still rough terrain, sparsely populated and considered backward by most French people. On the other hand, the local inhabitants are intensely proud of their area and their history.

The first day was through undulating pastoral land and it was only on the second day that we entered the forest. Despite the relative paucity of villages, and the dire predictions of people who had been there before, we had no trouble walking between one village and the next in a morning, and they all had good camping facilities, as well as hotels.

Our route for this section

Our route for this section

Day 8: Autun to Sommant

Day 9: Sommant to Anost

Day 10: Anost to Moux-en-Morvan

Day 11: Moux-en-Morvan to Lac des Settons

Day 12: Lac des Settons to Ouroux-en-Morvan

Day 13: Ouroux-en-Morvan to Brassy

Day 14: Brassy to Lormes

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