Florac to Millau

In this section we left the Cévennes and entered the westward-sloping Grands Causses, with their deeply inscribed gorges. We spent the whole of the four days beside the river Tarn as it descended to the plains, and most of that time we were on the classic Gorges of the Tarn walk, with its own special yellow-and-green signposts.

All down the gorge there were villages, either thriving tourist destinations, on the road side, or quiet, poignant relics of the past, on the other. Traditionally most of the traffic was by boat, but there was also a well-made foot-track, which serves now as the walking path.

Our route for this section

Our route for this section

Day 18: Florac to Sainte-Énimie

Day 19: Sainte-Énimie to la Malène

Day 20: La Malène to le Rozier

Day 21: Le Rozier to Millau

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