Saint-Aignan to Tours

This last section of our walk could easily have been done in three days (or even two)  rather than four. However, our plane flight was not for six more days so we thought we would break the remaining distance into easy stages. Having seen the last of the Canal de Berry, we stayed close to the river as it flowed calmly towards its confluence with the Loire.

We walked through woods, farms and villages, and even a ruined Roman town, and the biggest climb that we were called on to make was the ascent of ten metres or so up the street to the bar at Azay-sur-Cher. The last day was only a five-kilometre stroll into the centre of Tours, after which we spent a day or so sightseeing before catching the train to Paris and the night flight to Australia.

Our route for this section

Our route for this section

Day 21: Saint-Aignan to Montrichard

Day 22: Montrichard to Bléré

Day 23: Bléré to Saint-Avertin

Day 24: Saint-Avertin to Tours

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