Issoire to Puy-Guillaume

Only one day after leaving Issoire, we were forced away from the Allier because we could not find suitable camping grounds or restaurants along the river, at least not close enough together for us as walkers. The great metropolis of Clermont-Ferrand to the west seemed to have a deadening effect on its surroundings.

Instead we went into the hills to the east, and discovered the hidden gem of Billom, then the wonderfully hospitable camping ground at Pont-Astier, and finally returned (or almost) to the river at Puy-Guillaume.

During this section the weather turned warm at last, and by the time we reached Puy-Guillaume summer had definitely arrived.

Our route for this section

Our route for this section

Day 8: Issoire to Longues

Day 9: Longues to Billom

Day 10: Billom to Pont Astier

Day 11: Pont Astier to Puy-Guillaume

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